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Product code 07017
Category Concentrate Insecticide
Brand Copyr
Every Box contains 6 Pcs

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  • Concentrated insecticide based on permetrine and tetrametrine eeith killing and residual effect. Recommended for industrial settings, hospitals, green parks, against cockroachs, ants, spiders, flies, mosquitos, wasps. NEbulize it as the indications says with a precompression pump (PRO LINE LT 11) an electric ULV nebulizer (NEBULO EUROPA) or a termic nebulizer (STARFOG W 35)
  • Box: 6 bottles - 1 l each
  • Professional Product
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Liquid insecticide concentrate in the aqueous phase to killing action and residual. For civil and industrial use.

-Medical and Surgical - Registration no. 11809 of the Ministry of Health

Composition 100 g of the product contain

Permethrin tec. (25/75 cis-trans) 5,0 g
Tetramethrin 0.75 g
Piperonyl Butoxide tec. 3.0 g
Emulsifiers, adjuvants and water q.b. 100

Features PERTRIN S is a non-flammable and odorless insecticide concentrate, to be diluted in water before application. And 'effective against all insects environments: domestic, civil and industrial use (excluding the food industry). PERTRIN S has both residual effect conferred by Permethrin, which knock down and flushing effect conferred by Tetramethrin, synergised with Piperonyl Butoxide.

How to use against flies and other flying insects: S PERTRIN dilute in water at 2% for normal infestations and as a maintenance dose, or 3% for heavy infestations or to obtain a greater residual effect. Apply the emulsion thus obtained with conventional nebulizers or mechanical hand is kind of cold and hot surfaces infested by insects, distributing approximately 1 gallon of emulsion per 15 m2. For treatments in the external and in particular for the fight against mosquito adulticide, PERTRIN S can be used in percentages variants from 0.25% to 0.5% (250-500 g in 100 liters of water), distributing about 1 lt emulsion every 15 m2. Against cockroaches and other crawling insects: S PERTRIN dilute in water at 4% or 5% in the case of heavy infestation. Apply the emulsion so obtained with the normal spray on surfaces infested by insects (in particular sink cabinets, hooves of the walls, fissures, cracks, etc..), Distributing approximately 1 liter of emulsion per 15 m2.

Classification Can 'cause sensitization by skin contact. Dangerous for the environment: Very toxic to aquatic organisms. Can 'cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.

Packaging Bottle of 1 liter - box of 6 pieces

Note It 'an insecticide. Carefully read the instructions. As reported on this form is in accordance with the label approved by the Ministry of Health. Confidential information in the technical areas of biocides and plant protection and the health authorities.

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